Are eyebrow tattoos safe?

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Are eyebrow tattoos safe?

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I don't recommend you to do eyebrow tattoos. They can then be highlighted. The color then turns red. Better use a syrup for eyebrows. With it, the eyebrows will grow and you can do the styling. Read here

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answered Jan 14, 2020 by Carrie123 (14,510 points)
Getting eyebrow tattoos is pretty safe but there can be some risks involved.

Unlike regular skin tattoos the eyebrow tattoos are not permanent and will eventually fade away so if you decide you don't like having the eyebrow tattoos then they will eventually fade away on their own.

Eyebrow tattoos will last from 6 to 36 months before they fade away.

After 6 months the eyebrow tattoos can start to fade away and after 36 months which is a year the eyebrow tattoos may fade completely.

So if you want to keep the eyebrow tattoos you'll need to have it touched up again after around 6 months to a year.

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