Does a swimming pool add value to a house?

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asked Jan 2, 2020 in Other-Home/Garden by Colvin9j (400 points)
Does a swimming pool add value to a house?

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answered Jan 2, 2020 by Linust589 (550 points)
In some areas a swimming pool may add some value to your house and increase the sale price of the house.

However on the other hand in some places the swimming pool may actually decrease the value of your house or may not increase the value of the house at all.

Swimming pools also will increase your annual property taxes on your house as well as increase your homeowners insurance rates.

So you'll pay more on your annual property taxes as well as your homeowners insurance.

You also have to watch kids around the pool and have a fence around the pool to keep kids out of it and prevent drowning.

I personally like swimming but would rather buy a house without a swimming pool.

Swimming pools are really just money pits even though they can be fun and cool you off in the summer.

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