Why do China people not flush their toilet paper?

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Why do China people not flush their toilet paper?

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In China some parts of the China Sewer Systems are not in good enough shape to handle the toilet paper that goes down the toilet like here in the USA.

It's also because in some parts of China they have no sewer systems and have septic tanks etc that are not meant to have toilet paper in it.

Well that is what they say in China at least.

I'm sure that if the Chinese did flush their toilet paper that it wouldn't be much of a problem.

However they avoid doing so because it could potentially clog up their system and it's what they are used to doing.

Toilet paper though is meant to dissolve in water so it shouldn't be a problem.

When you flush toilet paper down the toilet the toilet paper dissolves which makes it very easy for the toilet paper to travel down the sewer pipes.

When you put toilet paper into the toilet with water in it the water starts dissolving the toilet paper as soon as you put it in the toilet.

So as long as you don't flush a lot of toilet paper down the toilet at one time it should never clog the toilet.

Toilet paper is designed so that it can be flushed down the toilet so you should always flush dirty toilet paper down the toilet which is the best way to dispose of toilet paper.

I used to work in a store and people used to put toilet paper into the trash cans in the bathroom stalls and that was gross.

We had to put a sign in the stalls to please flush the toilet paper and not put it in the trash.

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