Can a man test negative for trichomoniasis and still have it?

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Can a man test negative for trichomoniasis and still have it?

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Yes anyone including a man can test negative for trichomoniasis and still have it as some people show symptoms and then get a test done but then the test results show up negative.

If that happens the doctor will do another test for the trichomoniasis and if you do have it the doctor will prescribe you some medication which you should take to cure the trichomoniasis infection.

You can get trichomoniasis without being sexually active through contact with wet towels, toilet seats etc that have the bacteria on them.

However most people who do get trichomoniasis get it through sexual contact.

If you're noticing symptoms of trichomoniasis and get tested for it the results should show up on the test as soon as you get the test done.

However the test is usually sent out to a lab where they will analyze it and then give you results within 7 days or sometimes sooner.

The doctor will test you for trichomoniasis by taking a swab of your urethra to get a sample of cells.

The infection trichomoniasis can indeed be transmitted through other way besides just sexual contact.

So even if you were not sexually active or not sexually active you can still sometimes get the trichomoniasis infection.

Some ways that you can get the trichomoniasis infection besides sexual contact are from contact with damp or moist objects such as towels, wet clothing and even sitting on a toilet seat that has the bacteria that causes the infection.

Most cases of trichomoniasis are caused through sexual contact and are sexually transmitted but you can sometimes get it without having sex or having any sexual contact.

Some people have the infection of trichomoniasis and are unaware of it because they may not show any symptoms.

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