Whats worse snow or snow showers?

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Whats worse snow or snow showers?

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Snow showers would be worse than just snow or snow flurries.

Snow showers means that the snow is falling down at a higher rate and accumulating more and more on the ground.

Snow could also mean intense snow but sometimes snow is used to describe snow flurries which is just a light dusting of snow that may not even stick to the ground.

If you have snow showers in the forecast then you're likely getting a lot of snow and it's gonna likely be worse than regular snow flurries.

Now a blizzard would be even worse than regular snow showers or snow in general as it can really reduce your visibility when driving and can pile up and leave you stranded.

If there is a blizzard in the forecast or snow showers it's best to stay off the road and avoid driving if possible.

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