Is concrete impervious?

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Is concrete impervious?

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Impervious means that water or other liquids cannot pass through the Impervious material.

So since concrete cannot allow water to pass through it the concrete would be impervious.

So yes concrete is impervious unless it has holes in it to allow drainage of water.

If the concrete was poured and holes got into the concrete then that could make the concrete pervious but if the concrete is poured properly and has no holes or cracks in it then the concrete is impervious.

A gravel driveway or gravel road would be pervious because water and liquids can flow through it but a concrete driveway or asphalt driveway is impervious.
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Can you tell me where I can find a concrete mix calculator? And if so, can you also explain how to use it to determine the exact amount of materials needed for my construction project?
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You can find such calculators on various Internet resources or download mobile applications. Using the concrete mix calculator, you will need to enter parameters for your project, such as the dimensions of the elements, the required concrete strength, and the desired consistency. After this, the calculator will automatically calculate the required amount of cement, sand, and crushed stone to prepare the optimal mixture. This will help avoid excess and save your time and resources during construction.

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