Are Cavapoos aggressive?

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asked Nov 30, 2019 in Dogs by Unusual9989 (200 points)
Are Cavapoos aggressive?

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answered Nov 30, 2019 by tl876tre (510 points)
Cavapoos are pretty gentle and loving dogs as long as you treat them nicely and show them love.

But if you hit at them or scold them in the wrong way or mistreat them then the Cavapoo can become aggressive.

I used to have a Cavapoo as a kid and the dog was very loving and never aggressive and always loved to play and would go out and fetch a ball that I would throw to it and then he would bring it back to me.

Cavapoo dogs are pretty good around kids but they can snap and become aggressive if they become mistreated.

But treat the Cavapoo dog good and show them love and play with them nicely and they will get along with you and your family.

If you have little kids teach them how to treat the Cavapoo or any other dog as well and the dog should be just fine around your family.

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