How long do you leak after prostate surgery?

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asked Nov 23, 2019 in Mens Health by IdioticIcarus (340 points)
How long do you leak after prostate surgery?

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answered Nov 23, 2019 by GregE (810 points)
When my dad had prostate surgery he continued to leak urine and suffered from some urinary incontinence for 18 months after the prostate surgery.

My dad reluctantly wore some adult diapers until the leaking of urine stopped because I talked him into it and told him it would not be so bad and it would be much better than having wet pants.

He agreed and decided to wear some diapers that I bought him and he felt much better as a result of it.

He had some bladder control and could undo the tapes on the diaper to go pee when needed or poop when needed and then refasten the diaper tapes after he was done.

He didn't leak a lot but the diapers made it much better for him.

If you continue to leak urine after 18 months of the prostate surgery it would be a good idea to tell your doctor about the issue.

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