How often do you need to change wet diapers?

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How often do you need to change wet diapers?

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If your child is wearing good absorbent disposable diapers then you don't need to change the wet diaper every time they wet the diaper.

The disposable diapers that are made today are pretty absorbent and usually don't need to be changed until 2 or even 3 hours later.

My kids when they got to 1 year old and up until 4 years old would wear the same wet diaper for 3 hours before it needed changed.

As the kids get older they tend to hold in their pee and wet on certain times but as long as you check the diaper for wetness every hour or so and it's not full enough yet you can wait to change it when it gets soaked.

The child will likely not even feel wet in their diaper until the diaper gets to the point of leaking and then it's certainly time for a change.

There have been times when we were out shopping or at the fair, amusement parks etc and I would sometimes forget to check my 3 year old boys diaper and by the time I would remember he would be leaking on his pants.

And during those times I would also forget to have a change of clothes for him so he had to finish the day at the amusement park or shopping etc in just his diaper, shirt and shoes.

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