Can succulents grow in LED light?

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asked Nov 10, 2019 in Gardening by Homisomi (310 points)
Can succulents grow in LED light?

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answered Nov 10, 2019 by liana (11,450 points)
Succulents will do pretty good and grow using LED lights and you usually can grow the succulents using any regular LED light and the brighter the LED light the better.

However if you can it's best to allow the succulents some actual natural sunshine as the succulents will thrive much better in the natural sunlight than they would using LED lights.

But during cloudy days or when you cannot give the succulents natural sunlight the LED lights will help keep the succulents alive and prevent them from dying.

Also make sure to water the succulents often enough to avoid them getting too dry and when the soil the succulents are in gets dry it's time to water them.

Even setting the succulents near a window that gets sunshine can help the succulents grow better.

Using some special grow lights for the succulents though would be much better than using just any LED light and you can buy LED grow lights that save energy as well.

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