How much do semi truck drivers make?

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How much do semi truck drivers make?

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Starting out as a Semi Truck Driver you can make around $55,000.00 per year which is a pretty good starting salary.

As you gain more experience on the road and get more driving time under your belt then you can even get better paying truck driving jobs.

The more experience you gain as a Semi Truck Driver then you can earn between $66,000.00 to $77,000.00 per year.

When you're first starting out as a truck driver with less experience you'll usually only be able to get hired by some companies that pay less.

But as you gain more experience the higher paying truck driving jobs and employers will hire you.

So if you get a cheaper paying truck driving job don't let that discourage you because all truck drivers started out on the lower pay scale and worked their way up.

If you drive a semi truck and go out of state that is a good job because you get paid basically to travel.

I used to drive a Semi Truck for 10 years and sometimes I really miss it especially being able to travel but I decided it was best to stay home close to my family and kids.

Because I did hate being away from them often and missing them growing up.

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