How much does it cost for an eyebrow transplant?

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How much does it cost for an eyebrow transplant?

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Having an eyebrow transplant is not cheap and it comes out of pocket since it's considered cosmetic and not a medical necessity to have an eyebrow transplant.

The average cost for an eyebrow transplant is around $3,000.00 to $6,000.00 and that includes the surgeons fee, anesthesia and the facility fee.

So the cost to have an eyebrow transplant is not very expensive it's still expensive and not cheap to have the eyebrow transplant.

Some people can get eyebrow transplants as a result of congenital conditions, diseases, infection or overplucking of the eyebrows.

If the doctor deems it medically necessary for an eyebrow transplant then you might be able to get a health insurance company to pay for the eyebrow transplant.

But sometimes you might have to get a loan or have savings and get an eyebrow transplant with the money.

For me personally if I needed an eyebrow transplant and the health insurance couldn't pay for it then I would not have it and do without eyebrows.

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