Do fish bite when it's cold outside?

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Do fish bite when it's cold outside?

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Fish don't bite as good during cold weather because they would rather stay below the surface of the water and are less active during the cold winter weather.

So if you go fishing during winter then the fish may not bite as much because they reserve their energy and require less food.

But fish do sometimes bite during winter if they are hungry enough because people do go Ice Fishing and get bites on their fishing lines.

But when Ice Fishing you need to be more patient.

I prefer to go fishing during the spring and summer months where I can enjoy the outdoors more.

Most fish do not die when lakes freeze over because fish are cold blooded and can handle the cold.

Although fish do go into less activity during the cold weather and when the lakes are frozen so fish require less food to eat when the weather is freezing and the lakes are frozen.

It is possible for some fish to die when lakes freeze over but it's not because of the cold but instead the reason some fish die as a result of the lake freezing over it's because of the lack of oxygen getting into the water from the frozen lake being sealed from the outside oxygen.

When the fish don't get that oxygen then they can die.

But it's rare that fish do die as a result of lack of oxygen when lakes freeze but it can happen.

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