What is it like spending your birthday in jail?

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asked Oct 30, 2019 in Holidays by lownlied (310 points)
What is it like spending your birthday in jail?

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answered Oct 30, 2019 by GeorgeMelchor (590 points)
Spending any day in jail is boring and horrible and you never want to go to jail.

Jail from my 30 day experience a few years ago was horrible and incredibly boring with nothing to really do to pass the time.

I didn't celebrate my birthday in jail because there was no family around at the time and they wouldn't allow us to celebrate birthdays.

I wouldn't want to celebrate my birthday in jail or prison anyway because all I could think about is getting out of jail and never returning.

I mostly sat around watching TV with other inmates and spent some time in the jail cell alone and it was very boring and I got cabin fever because I'm used to being outside often and when you're in jail there's no going outside at least at the jail I was at.

You can't just walk out the door and go walk around town or drive around town since you're locked up and have to stay there inside the building and in a tiny jail cell.

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