How long does it take to drive 10,000 miles?

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How long does it take to drive 10,000 miles?

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Most people will put on 10,000 miles or sometimes more in a year of driving.

But if you're planning on driving on a 10,000 mile road trip then it could take you 1 day for each 500 miles or 2 days to drive every 1,000 miles.

So for example if it took you 2 days to drive 1,000 miles then it would take you 20 days to drive the 10,000 miles on the road trip.

But that doesn't factor in the time needed to stop and take breaks and during that 10,000 mile road trip you might want to stop at a hotel or somewhere to take a break from driving for a day or two and see some sights.

The last time I took a 10,000 mile road trip it took me around 2 months to complete the 10,000 mile road trip which turned out to be 20,000 mile round trip.

I took breaks often and sometimes I stayed in a hotel for a few days before driving any further because driving can make you tired.

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