Can I take my supplements on a plane?

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asked Oct 22, 2019 in Planes by 123456bhs (300 points)
Can I take my supplements on a plane?

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answered Oct 22, 2019 by linda (26,270 points)
Ye you can take supplements on the airplane either through your checked luggage or carry on luggage.

I've taken a few bottles of supplements on the airplane in my carry on luggage and took the supplements while on the flight.

I also put some more supplements in my checked baggage as well.

Supplements as well as any other needed medication can be brought on the airplane in reasonable quantities that you need.

You should have no issue with bringing supplements or other medications on the airplane.

If the prescription medication is yours you should bring the prescriptions along with them just in case because I've had one TSA person ask me to see the prescription to be sure the medication was mine.

But that's the only time one has asked me for the prescription.

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