What does your stool look like if you have colon cancer?

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What does your stool look like if you have colon cancer?

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When you have colon cancer you may have blood in your stool or poop colored blood due to bleeding of the rectum.

Poop in blood is not always an indicator of colon cancer but if you do notice poop in your blood you should tell your doctor so you can get tested for colon cancer or other problems.

Sometimes you might have just torn tissue in your colon or anus due to straining to poop and it will heal itself within a week or so.

Your poop with colon cancer will also change consistency so if you notice a change in consistency of the poop you should tell your doctor.

When you have colon cancer you may also experience abdominal discomfort, such as cramps, gas or pain along with the bloody stool.

It's recommended to have a colonoscopy at least by age 50 just to be sure your colon is healthy and use some colon cleanse products and eat healthy to prevent colon cancer.
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Colon Cancer is a type of cancer of the colon or rectum, located at the digestive tract's lower end.

Early cases of colon cancer can begin as noncancerous polyps.

These often have no symptoms but can be detected by screening.

For this reason, doctors recommend screenings for those at high risk of colon cancer or over the age of 50.

Colorectal cancer symptoms depend on the size and location of the cancer.

Some commonly experienced symptoms of colon cancer include changes in bowel habits, changes in stool consistency, blood in the stool, and abdominal discomfort.

Colorectal cancer treatment depends on the size, location, and how far the cancer has spread.

Common treatments for colon cancer include surgery to remove the cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

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