Should I wear Adult Diapers for a road trip?

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asked Sep 10, 2017 in Other-Cars/Transportation by Rodney L (160 points)
Should I wear Adult Diapers for a road trip?
My parents are going on a road trip this Fall and I have a hard time holding in my urine until we stop for a restroom break.

The last time I went on a road trip I had to pee really bad and I had to painfully hold my urine in until we stopped which wasn't for an hour later.

Should I wear Adult Diapers on the road trip and wet the diapers instead of waiting for a restroom?

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answered Sep 10, 2017 by Lilly21 (57,780 points)
It's up to you really whether you want to wear diapers on the road trip.

But why can't you have your parents stop to let you use the restroom. I think it's be more uncomfortable to be sitting in a wet diaper until you could change.

Can you pee in a bottle if you can't stop to pee?

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