How many days should you spend at Yellowstone?

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How many days should you spend at Yellowstone?

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answered Oct 19, 2019 by Niko (13,380 points)
To be able to experience the wonderful Yellowstone National Park and see the entire park I would recommend staying at Yellowstone National Park for at least 2 days but 3 or even 4 days would be better.

Yellowstone can be camped in using tents or camper trailers or RV's.

I personally prefer my little camper trailer to stay in when in Yellowstone and I stayed at RV sites and then drove through the park to see the sites and then came back to my camper trailer at night.

It was a wonderful experience and I stayed there for 4 nights which was all I had time for because I had to get back home to go to work.

But if I could have stayed longer I would've because it was great and I plan to visit Yellowstone National Park again in a few years hopefully.

I never want to leave that peaceful and relaxing place because going to Yellowstone National Park is a good stress reliever and boosts my mood as well.

I was depressed before going to Yellowstone and a friend mentioned that I should take a trip up there so I took the 1,000 mile road trip to visit Yellowstone and when I first entered the Yellowstone park my stress and depression started to immediately go away.

It was so relaxing and I hated that I had to leave.

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