How tall is the goal in the NBA?

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asked Oct 13, 2019 in Basketball by hillilpilk (530 points)
How tall is the goal in the NBA?

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answered Oct 14, 2019 by Jasire (26,200 points)
The basket ball goal from the ground to the top of the basket ball goal in the NBA is 10 feet tall.

10 feet tall is regulation height for a basketball hoop and goal especially in professional basketball.

You an set your basketball goal at any height you desire at home but having the basketball goal set at 10 feet helps to make you a better basketball player.

If you want to play basketball in the NBA and become a pro basketball player then you should practice basketball using a basketball goal that is set at 10 feet high.

If you can set your basketball goal another foot higher then you can even get better at playing basketball.

But 10 feet high is regulation and what the NBA uses for the basketball goal height.
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answered Jan 22 by RobertPolson (3,960 points)

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