How many miles should I drive a day on a road trip?

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How many miles should I drive a day on a road trip?

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answered Oct 13, 2019 by Amos321 (2,350 points)
When on a road trip you should drive no more than 500 to 800 miles.

800 miles is usually the limit for most people to drive during the day and I used to be able to drive 800 miles in one day on a road trip when I was younger.

But now as I get older I find that after 500 miles of driving I am too tired and need to pull over and rest for the rest of the night.

If I'm pulling a trailer with me such as my camper trailer I will drive 300 to 400 miles in one day and then find an RV park or somewhere to camp for the night.

Some people have driven 1,000 miles in a day but I wouldn't drive that far and would call it quits for the day after 500 to 800 miles to be safe.

You need to get plenty of rest and when you drive for too long you get tired and increase your risk of falling asleep behind the wheel.

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