Is it safe to use electricity during a thunderstorm?

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asked Oct 10, 2019 in Weather by Iu9812 (340 points)
Is it safe to use electricity during a thunderstorm?

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answered Oct 11, 2019 by Minty (80,880 points)
There's nothing wrong with using electricity during a thunderstorm.

Everyone continues to use electricity in their homes and businesses during thunderstorms without any issues.

It's recommended to unplug televisions, computers and other sensitive electronics though during a thunderstorm but personally I never have.

I like to keep my computer plugged in for something to do online and like to keep my Television plugged in and turned on to watch TV and the news for weather conditions.

If the lightning did strike either my computer or TV it would be no big deal to just replace it with a new one.

I can afford it and I don't worry about it.

But if you want too then you can unplug your computer, TV etc during a thunderstorm but it shouldn't be much of a problem especially if your internet service or TV antenna is properly grounded.

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