What is the difference between a tiny house and a camper?

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What is the difference between a tiny house and a camper?

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A tiny house is basically a tiny home build just like a site built home but in smaller size and it's usually on wheels such as built on a trailer.

Then you can pull the tiny home on wheels to a new destination when you want too and can usually easily pull the tiny house behind a regular truck or other vehicle without needing to hire a mobile home mover.

Tiny homes are usually meant to be pulled and moved every so often and not as often as a camper trailer is.

A camper trailer is also a small home on wheels but is made to be towed down the road often and has better aerodynamics to it to allow for the most fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

A camper trailer comes in several different sizes and they are not usually made to live in full time while a tiny home is designed to be lived in full time if you want too.

Although some people do live in camper trailers full time so it can be done.

But a camper trailer is not as heavy as a tiny house is and is made to be pulled from one place to another more often.

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