Will lacquer thinner ruin car paint?

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asked Oct 7, 2019 in Other-Cars/Transportation by namlam132 (280 points)
Will lacquer thinner ruin car paint?

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answered Oct 11, 2019 by Essmann (41,410 points)
Yes if you get some lacquer thinner on your cars paint it could remove the car paint and ruin the cars paint job.

You could however use some lacquer thinner to remove some of the cars paint if you want too or remove some over spray paint.

But be sure to clean it off and not get anymore lacquer thinner on the rest of the car paint that you don't want to remove.

The lacquer thinner can also damage car parts that are plastic or rubber as well so be careful in how you use the lacquer thinner.

You can use some acetone nail polish remove to help get rid of over spray on your cars paint job but remove the rest of the acetone nail polish remover after you get the over spray off or the nail polish remover will eat away at the rest of the cars paint job.
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answered Jan 9 by GeorgeMills (1,280 points)
I am curious. If I paint the bumper of the car with diluted paint, will it damage it? This is a plastic part...
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answered Jan 9 by RobertPolson (780 points)

For george
I do not think that thinner will affect auto paint so much. Rather, I will worry about whether you can color the part evenly and without bubbles. This is a common problem for beginners. If you have an unheated garage, then you should pick up the part in the house for uniform drying without temperature differences. Anyway, jeep jl bumpers are not very expensive, check it out.  You can always replace this if you do not like the result of your efforts.

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answered Jan 30 by GeorgeMills (1,280 points)

Thank you all. I tried the paint dilution trick. I'm not sure that I did everything exactly as it should because I could not avoid small bubbles on the surface after drying. I took this auto part to the house for the night but, as you see, it did not affect the result. Maybe I needed to use a fine spray machine. So I won’t experiment anymore, but I’ll take a ready-made kit for other parts  - https://carlifeguru.com/best-caliper-paint  Painting brake calipers are not required so often and you should not save on paint here.

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