Can I park my tiny house in an RV park?

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asked Oct 6, 2019 in Camping/RV by 00089723 (420 points)
Can I park my tiny house in an RV park?

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answered Oct 7, 2019 by Larry S (33,680 points)
It totally depends on the RV park and their rules.

I've seen some tiny houses parked in a few RV parks during my road trips.

RV parks are individually owned and set their own rules but as long as your tiny home as the proper hookups to plug into the RV park electric and hook into the sewer and water then there should be no issue in being able to park your tiny house in the RV park.

If I were an RV park owner I'd allow tiny homes because it is money coming in and it wouldn't have to just be RV's that parked there.

A major RV resort for fancy RV's may not allow it but then again they might.

A tiny home is usually much nicer than any RV anyway when it comes to outside looks.

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