What are the determinants of drug addiction and recovery?

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What are the determinants of drug addiction and recovery?

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People with drug addiction can be treated and have a full recovery from the drug addiction if the person is determined to get off the drugs.

It can require over a year of drug treatment addiction classes to fully get over the drug addiction and still then some people who have been addicted to drugs for years can still have trouble getting off the drugs fully.

I had a friend who took 5 years of drug classes before he did get off the drugs and he's been drug free for over 5 years now.

I'm very happy for him because I thought he would die as a result of the drugs but he was bound and determined to get off the drugs.

Addiction also depends to some degree on the person taking the drugs and for soft drugs such as alcohol and marijuana.

And genetics plays a roll and If one or both of your parents is or was an alcoholic, you are more likely to have a drinking problem.

For hard drugs, no one is immune and other drugs including cocaine is powerfully addictive, and I understand that the same is true of meth and heroin.

If you do those, you will become addicted.

The best thing to do is to never get on drugs in the first place because once you do get on the drugs it can be hard to get off of them and they can kill you.
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Recovery, in my experience, comes when the person realises that if they continue doing what they've always done, they will keep getting what they always got.
It also comes when the person takes responsibility for his/her addiciton. Don't blame anyone else. You aren't to blame for other people's drug problems, and they aren't to blame for yours. You and only you are responsible for yourself.

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Hi, I would rather answer that it is quite an individual process. My nephew spent practically two months in a LGBT rehab https://addictionresource.com/drug-rehab/lgbt-rehab/  But even after a medical treatment you will need support. Please mind it.  I hope you are aware of all stages you are  going to go through. Hope it can help

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