Where are Hustler mowers made?

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Where are Hustler mowers made?

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Hustler lawn mowers are made in the United States In Hesston Kansas.

Under the direction of company president Roy Mullet Excel began production and continues to produce and manufacture the Hustler Lawn Mowers in their plant in Hesston Kansas.

Hustler lawn mowers are a bit more expensive than other mowers but Hustler Lawn Mowers are a quality built lawn mower that as long as you take care of the Hustler Lawn mower it will provide you many years of service.

I have a Hustler Riding Lawn Mower and would recommend one to anyone else looking for a very good reliable and good cutting lawn mower.

I used to have the cheaper lawn mowers but had problems with them and when I bought a Hustler Lawn Mower it was the right choice as it mows much better, is easier to maintain etc.

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