When should a widow start dating again?

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When should a widow start dating again?
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I don't think there is a time range for dating again. It's up to you. But it also depends on some factors. Like if you have kids, it wouldn't be nice to start dating soon as they'll hate that. I've been on datings with widows before, they were searching for a partner on buzzArab, and they were telling me their husband passed away 2-3 months ago and this was their first date after his death. Who knows if that was true or not, but you need to wait for about half of a year before dating another man. A shorter period of time would be disrespectful for your husband's family also.
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There's no set time that a widow should wait until they begin dating again.

Some widows may be ready to start dating 6 months after their spouse dies while some other widows may not be ready to start dating again until 1 year to as long as 5 years after their spouse dies.

It's all up to the widow and you can begin dating again anytime you want too or feel like dating again after your spouse dies.

Most widows will want to spend some time alone for at least the first 6 months to a year after their spouse dies so that they can grieve and get over the death of their spouse.

Some people take longer than others to grieve so it's all up to the individual.
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Anyone can start dating when they feel such need.
If you are a widow, then start meeting when it's convenient for you and how convenient it is for you. Try online communication first, then go out to a pub or bar, then agree on dates, movies, romantic dinners etc.
Despite the loss of your partner, you need to continue living.
Remember, we have only one life!

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