Can you drive a car with a coolant leak?

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asked Sep 22, 2019 in Car by Casro (410 points)
Can you drive a car with a coolant leak?

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answered Sep 23, 2019 by MrMoonPie (9,640 points)
If your car is leaking just a little coolant and is not overheating then driving the car with a coolant leak would be okay as long as you make sure to top off the coolant level when it gets too low.

If the coolant is leaking more severely and you're losing a lot of coolant when driving the car then your engine will eventually overheat and lead to damage of the engine.

I would recommend getting the coolant leak checked out and fixed before it leads to a major problem.

A properly working and sealed up coolant system should not lose any coolant so if you're leaking coolant it's not a good thing.

It could be a simple fix such as a radiator hose loose, or some other seal leaking and then again it could be the water pump leaking or a hose that is about to burst.

If your radiator and heater hoses are 10 years old or older I would recommend changing them out and at least inspecting them for any cracks or leaks.

If they are 10 years old or older you really should replace them because they can burst anytime soon.

You can place some cardboard under the car when parked and then you can see where the coolant is leaking to help determine where the coolant leak is coming from.

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