Is there a job that pays you to travel?

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Is there a job that pays you to travel?

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I've never heard of a job that pays you to just travel where you want too for pleasure but there might be some travel jobs out there that would pay you to travel for pleasure.

But there are a lot of jobs that require you to travel to different places and you get paid for the job but you are actually working and cannot just lay around on a beach etc during working hours.

Some jobs that you can get paid and travel are truck driving jobs, airline pilot, airline flight attendant, cruise ship driver, cruise ship worker, tour guides etc.

You might also become a bus driver that you drive buses with people such as a Greyhound Bus, or become a train driver.

Some office jobs in big businesses require some of the CEO's to travel to different states and even countries to make business deals.

So that could also be an option to make money while traveling.

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