Is canoeing good exercise?

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asked Sep 13, 2019 in Outdoor Recreation by wagne223 (320 points)
Is canoeing good exercise?

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answered Sep 16, 2019 by bixxletizzle (390 points)
Canoeing is both fun and good exercise and gives your body a good workout.

Going canoeing and paddling a canoe is a good cardio workout and is a good aerobic exercise and has great cardiovascular benefits.

Canoeing and padding a Canoe also boosts your upper body strength and gives your arms, back and abs a good workout and improves the strength of those body parts.

If you want to lose weight then going canoeing daily can also help you burn off the calories and help you lose weight and you'll have fun in the process and get outdoors as well.

I've lost over 100 lbs of weight when I started going canoeing over a year and it was fun as well.

I highly recommend going canoeing as you get outdoors, have fun and can lose weight as well.

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