What happened to answerpail.com being down for a few days?

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asked Sep 9, 2019 in Answerpail by Gracy (80,480 points)
What happened to answerpail.com being down for a few days?

The last few days I noticed that I could not get onto this website and was wondering what happened?

I'm glad it's back up now and hope it stays online for many years but at first I thought the website shutdown because I couldn't access it for a few days.

If the owner of answerpail is on here and could respond that would be great.

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answered Sep 9, 2019 by chad (12,450 points)
Thanks for the concern about answerpail.com

A few days ago we had some server issues that caused the apache service to not start on the cloud server that answerpail.com is hosted on.

So what needed to happen was that the server operating system etc had to be completely reinstalled.

So instead of dealing with that server at the other host I just decided to move the website and files on over to another cloud hosting service with another hosting provider which turns out was a great decision.

This website should be online for many years and hopefully one day we'll be celebrating out 10th year online and then 20 years online and then 30 years online and then 40 years online etc.

If you notice the website down it's likely just a server issue and the websites database is backed up daily so there's always a copy of the database to easily restore on a new server if need be.

Hopefully there should be no more downtime for awhile but if there is the website will come back online once we fix the issues.
commented Sep 10, 2019 by Christeen (57,340 points)
Glad to see the website is back up.

I was wondering what happened to the website as well.

Glad you got it fixed and it's back up as everything is working fine for me now.

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