Can you get hospitalized for anxiety?

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Can you get hospitalized for anxiety?

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Most people who come into the hospital for anxiety are just treated with medications and released unless they are a danger to themselves in other ways.

However if you have severe anxiety then they might admit you to the hospital for the anxiety if they deem it necessary.

But most times when you go to the hospital for anxiety you'll be treated with medications and prescribed medications to take.

Then they will probably have you see a therapist for the anxiety which you will then make an appointment with the therapist to see them to help with your anxiety.

If you have panic attacks with the anxiety then most times the panic attacks will go away within 30 minutes and usually no hospital visit is needed.

But if you're constantly having panic attacks and they last longer than 30 minutes then seeing a doctor about it or going to the hospital could be a good idea.

You might need to get on some medications and have therapy to help with your anxiety.
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