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asked Aug 26, 2019 in Financial Aid by Jassy123 (4,730 points)
Hi! I need a quality translator. Can you advice me someone?

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answered Aug 27, 2019 by Marinad (3,200 points)

Quality translation is extremely important in some cases. The correctness of the documents depends on this. I want to recommend you . This company is the best in this sphere. They do work quickly and quality .

commented Aug 29, 2019 by Jassy123 (4,730 points)
I turn to them, and I can that they really the best!!! Thank you for your tip!
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answered Jul 21, 2020 by Djonatan (3,640 points)

Finding good quality translation is difficult, especially if you are looking for translation for an unpopular language. I was very surprised when I found the Thai document translation service on this site .  I couldn't check the quality of the translation, but my foreign colleagues told me that it was translation without  single mistake and adapted for native speakers, that is, I was able to avoid literal or incorrect meaning in the document. I think you should look for good translator on this site. I'm sure that the cost of his work will be lower than in any company that provides the same services, besides, not all companies offer translation by native speakers into more than 90 languages.

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