How do have fun in Prague with friends?

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Prague is a very interesting city. It combines antiquity with modernity. In Prague for the first time I saw that in the framework of the famous excursions "Hop on, Hop off" you can sail on a boat PrahaTrip.
The essence of “Hop on, Hop off” is as follows: you buy a ticket for the day and you can enter to leave the transport of this company wherever you want and how much you want - going around the sights at your own pace. I advise river cruises!

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I love traveling around Europe and exploring beautiful places. Can you recommend any unique and lesser-known locations that are worth visiting? I'm looking for something new and different to add to my adventure list.
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Oh, I absolutely loved my recent visit to Schloss Schönbrunn! Purchasing schloss schonbrunn tickets in advance turned out to be a great decision, and here's why: I avoided the queues and enjoyed every moment in this magical place. The architecture and history of the castle, as well as the well-kept gardens, create a unique atmosphere. The audio guide was invaluable, adding depth to the story. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't visited yet to immerse themselves in the magical world of Schloss Schönbrunn!

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