How do have fun in Prague with friends?

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Prague is a very interesting city. It combines antiquity with modernity. In Prague for the first time I saw that in the framework of the famous excursions "Hop on, Hop off" you can sail on a boat PrahaTrip.
The essence of “Hop on, Hop off” is as follows: you buy a ticket for the day and you can enter to leave the transport of this company wherever you want and how much you want - going around the sights at your own pace. I advise river cruises!

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I love traveling around Europe and exploring beautiful places. Can you recommend any unique and lesser-known locations that are worth visiting? I'm looking for something new and different to add to my adventure list.
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Oh, I absolutely loved my recent visit to Schloss Schönbrunn! Purchasing schloss schonbrunn tickets in advance turned out to be a great decision, and here's why: I avoided the queues and enjoyed every moment in this magical place. The architecture and history of the castle, as well as the well-kept gardens, create a unique atmosphere. The audio guide was invaluable, adding depth to the story. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't visited yet to immerse themselves in the magical world of Schloss Schönbrunn!

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Prague is an amazing city to discover with friends! Start by visiting the historic Old Town Square and the famous Charles Bridge. Don't miss out on the local food and drink; trying Czech beer is a must. For a unique experience, check out reviews for cool local activities and tours. At night, the city’s vibrant nightlife scene has plenty of bars and clubs to keep you entertained. Enjoy the blend of history, culture, and fun that Prague offers.

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