How far is the English Channel swim?

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How far is the English Channel swim?

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The English Channel Swim is quite  along swim and requires the swimmer to be in very good shape and have enough energy to make the English Channel Swim completely.

The distance of the English Channel Swim from start to finish is 21 miles and can take between 7 hours if you're a very fast swimmer and if you're a slower swimmer the English Channel Swim could take you as long as 15 to 27 hours.

The slower you swim the longer it will take you to get from start to finish on the English Channel and if there are tides and waves that will slow you down on your swim as well.

Some people have made the complete swim of the English Channel while others got tired and quit before reaching 10 miles or even less.

I would not be able to make even 2 miles of swimming the English Channel but if I were in better shape then I likely could finish the English Channel Swim.

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