Is it healthy to swim everyday?

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asked Aug 19, 2019 in Swimming & Diving by Nabnerliom (410 points)
Is it healthy to swim everyday?

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answered Aug 19, 2019 by lulumeon (30,700 points)
If you can swim everyday that's perfectly fine as swimming is very good exercise and can help you improve your heart health and other cardiovascular health.

You strengthen your heart and get your blood flowing which helps to prevent heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Swimming gives your body a good workout and is one of the best forms of exercise and you have fun swimming as well.

I go to an indoor swimming pool sometimes during the winter when I want to swim and it has helped me lose weight and keep the weight off and my health has improved as well.

I always love to go swimming in the summertime as well because it keeps me cool, is fun to swim and my health improves as a result.

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