How much does it cost to stay in an RV park for a month?

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How much does it cost to stay in an RV park for a month?

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Staying in an RV park for the month usually gets you a cheaper RV park rate per night than just staying one or two nights.

Most RV parks have discounts for staying a whole month or long term in the RV park but even then it's not cheap to stay monthly in an RV park.

Nightly rates for RV parks with electricity,water and sewer usually run from as low as $25.00 per night to as high as $65.00 per night.

But if you stay monthly then the RV parks rates are usually between $400.00 to $800.00 per month which usually includes electricity,water, sewer and trash.

That also includes internet as well.

I've seen some RV parks charge $1,000.00 per month so it's sometimes cheaper to rent a house or apartment than stay monthly in an RV park unless you're traveling and want to stay in the RV park for the month.

You could buy cheap land and then park your RV on there and stay that way for nearly free and just pay your electricity, water and sewer bill.

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