Why does Insulating your house reduce energy bills?

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Why does Insulating your house reduce energy bills?

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Without insulation in your home the heat and cooling goes through your walls, ceiling and floors and goes out those areas to the outside.

So without insulation you're heating your house and the heating escapes faster out the walls, ceilings and floors so that causes your furnace to come on more often and run longer to maintain the heating in your home.

The same is true with cooling when you're cooling your home the cool air can escape through the walls, ceiling and floors and the air conditioner has to run longer and more often to maintain the cool temperature in your home.

When the heat and cool air stay in your home the furnace and air conditioning doesn't have to run as often which saves you money on your electric bills, gas and other heating bills.

So if your home doesn't have insulation you should add insulation which will make you more comfortable and save you lots of money as well.

Also if you have old drafty windows I would recommend you update those windows to new energy efficient windows as well.
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By warming our homes, we reduce the need for energy and burn less fuel, which helps fight climate change and protects the planet. Insulating the attic, walls and floor of your home is a great way to cut down on energy costs every year from a one-time activity. You can also just use alternative energy sources and you won’t have to worry so much about the energy spent. I’m just about to get one help of the thing, which starting from May 20th, there is a giveaway activity on https://www.aiper.com/. I will definitely take part in this and I also highly recommend it to you.

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