Is donating a car tax deductible?

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asked Aug 17, 2019 in Buying & Selling by circkleb78 (300 points)
Is donating a car tax deductible?

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answered Aug 17, 2019 by Essmann (42,860 points)
Yes donating a car to a good charity car donation place can allow you to write off the car donation as a tax deduction.

Just be sure to check out the car donation charity to be sure it's a legit car donation charity because there are some scams out there.

But as long as you have your title to the car to donate then you can donate the car to the charity and they will either sell the car to someone for a profit or scrap the car and use the money from the scrap car for funding their charity.

The amount of money you can write off on your income tax from donating your car varies depending on the value of the car.

The car donation charity should be able to help you with that and how to write it off on your income taxes but donating a car to charity can save you money on your income taxes and it can sometimes put the car to good use to someone that may need a good car that they can fix and drive.

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