How many people hate going to school?

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How many people hate going to school?

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A lot of people and students hate going to school so you're not the only one.

When I was a kid I hated school and would literally have to be dragged and carried into kindergarten by my parents and I would even fake like I was sick to stay home from school.

The faking sick worked sometimes but not always and I would get a spanking if I was caught faking sick and be punished when I faked sickness to stay home from school.

School is so boring and I'm glad I no longer have to go to school now that I'm an adult.

But I do have my own kids now and my son who's 7 refuses to go to school now as well and I totally understand but he has to go to school.

My son starts school on the 19th and he's already refusing to go to school but he will have to even if I have to carry him into the school.
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Hi!I know a lot of parents which say that their children hate going to school. And Im interested in this topic why they hate school because I have a daughter and she soon go to school too. I decide looking rankings by country  and it were amaizing facts how many perŅents children didnt want go to school.

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