Does anyone else hate going to school?

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Does anyone else hate going to school?

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I was one of the kids and teens who hated going to school and I thought about dropping out of high school but so glad I stayed in school to get my high school diploma.

Without a high school diploma it's very hard to find a job when working for someone else.

As much as you might hate school you should stick with it and get the education and graduate when the time comes because you'll regret not getting your high school diploma when you cannot find jobs without it.

You might come across a few jobs that would hire you without a high school diploma but they won't be good jobs.

Most colleges also require a high school diploma before they will enroll you into their college so you may not get a good career.

School does suck really bad and it's hard to get to school in the morning and sit there studying but after all that time when you graduate it will be worth it.

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