Summer heat is miserable why do people like summer?

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asked Aug 11, 2019 in Weather by xfguy898 (200 points)
Summer heat is miserable why do people like summer?

I hate the summer heat and cannot go outside and do anything without getting overheated.

Why do some people like the summer heat when it's too hot to really enjoy the weather?

I prefer the spring weather and fall weather when it's not too hot or too cold but the heat is unbearable such as right now it's 108 F.

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answered Aug 12, 2019 by LindaHartzell (19,180 points)
I don't mind the summer heat as long as it doesn't get above 90 F.

When it gets above 90 F and into the triple digits for the temperature then I hate the heat as well.

I hate when it's late in the evening and the humidity is still so high that it feels really sweaty outside when it should be cooler.

I love being outside and when it gets way too hot I can't stand it and it can also be deadly to be outside for too long in the really hot temperatures.

I try to wait to go outside during the evening when it cools down some but it's still hot due to the humidity levels.

I'm looking forward to the Fall temperatures when it's not too hot or not too cold because it will be a nice break from this really hot and humid weather.

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