Why do cars have panic buttons?

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Why do cars have panic buttons?

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The panic button on a cars transmitter or remote entry device is a safety device to be used in an emergency should you need help or can be used to scare someone off if they are trying to attack you.

The panic button on the remote of a car is designed to assist in alerting somebody in emergency situations where a threat to persons or property exists.

However every time my cars panic alarm went off no one really paid attention to it except a few people glanced over and saw what car was making the noise and told me to shut the darn thing off. lol

Also some people use the panic alarm to locate where they parked there car because the lights will begin flashing as well as the panic alarm going off.

So it makes it easy to find your car in a large parking lot.

I use my panic alarm to locate my car when I can't find it in the parking lot.

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