What is the practical use of smart watches?

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asked Jul 10, 2019 in Other-Electronics by eliss (1,820 points)
What is the practical use of smart watches?

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answered Jul 11, 2019 by fathi (1,260 points)
I am very comfortable with smart watches. My work is connected with frequent telephone conversations and it’s convenient for me that I don’t have to go around and carry a gadget with me.
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answered Jul 11, 2019 by eliss (1,820 points)
Smart watches replace phone and alarm clock
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answered Jul 12, 2019 by garold (1,060 points)

I also did not understand all the effectiveness of smart watches until I read https://findthedecision.com/7-practical-uses-for-a-smartwatch/ now it is very convenient for me. I can control my health and make contactless payments. In addition, my work is connected with constant moving to unfamiliar places and smart watches with a GPS-navigator are very helpful to me not going astray.

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answered Dec 20, 2020 by Uters12 (9,630 points)

Smartwatches have become a real trend in the past few years, but not everyone knows what it is and how to use it correctly. For those who keep up with the times, it is best to first look at various reviews of comparing watch models here and then go buy a watch.

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answered Jul 6 by minsy77 (5,370 points)
I personally use it for

time watch

steps monitor

taking calls
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answered Jul 6 by Andrew_Clarkson (2,390 points)
I personally use not only smartwatches but powerbank as well, because it is really important to charge your phone and to stay on the wave. Actually with https://project-br.com/ I opened for myself a bunch of various gadgets, which is a really updated and unique design collection.

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