Is pumpkin seed oil good for overactive bladder?

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Is pumpkin seed oil good for overactive bladder?

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Yes pumpkin seed oil is good for an overactive bladder.

If you have overactive bladder the pumpkin seed oil can naturally help with the overactive bladder so you'll need to go less often and reduce the chance of wetting your pants.

My mom has an overactive bladder and she started taking some Pumpkin Seed oil as a recommendation from a friend and her overactive bladder has gotten much better as a result of using the natural pumpkin seed oil.

She still has some problems with the overactive bladder and wears adult disposable briefs just in case but she hasn't had as many accidents or has not had to go pee as often.

The pumpkin seed oil has been shown in studies also that it helps the overactive bladder by naturally strengthening the bladder muscles.

The pumpkin seed oil extract also helps heal the nerves of the bladder so that you need to urinate less.

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