How long would it take someone to walk 1000 miles?

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How long would it take someone to walk 1000 miles?

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Walking 1,000 miles would take roughly 40 days if you walked straight through but you'd likely want to take a break for a day or two before continuing on.

1,000 miles of walking can be done but it would an extreme undertaking.

Walking 1000 miles would take quite a long time and you would certainly need to take a lot of breaks to make the 1000 mile walk.

If you walked at a moderate pace then you would or should cover at least 25 miles per day during your 1000 mile walk.

So if you walked 25 miles per day everyday then you would cover 1000 miles of walking in 40 days.

But that is if you just kept walking everyday without stopping for breaks for a day or so.

If you stopped and rested for a few days in between walks then it would take you around 50 days to 70 days to complete the 1000 mile walk.

You would certainly get a lot of exercise and should lose a lot of weight during the 1000 mile walk.

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