Do coyotes attack humans?

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Do coyotes attack humans?

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Coyotes can and do attack humans if you encounter a Coyote and possibly cornered by the coyote.

Or you go into a fight with a coyote and try to save your pet or other animal from a coyote fight then the coyote is likely to attack the human.

However most times as long as the coyote is not cornered or you're not being a threat to the coyote then the coyote will usually just take off away from humans and not try to attack them.

So as long as you keep your distance from the coyote and do not try to approach the coyote then usually the coyote will just leave you alone and go on about their way.

The coyote would rather just try to run away from you and avoid an attack or fight than get into the attack or fight with you.l

I've been around coyotes and as long as I left the coyote alone they would just stand there for a bit and then run off.

But coyotes can and do attack some humans in rare cases so be very careful around them.

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