What is first aid fire-fighting?

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What is first aid fire-fighting?

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First aid fire fighting refers to the people first on scene for the regular fire fighters arrive to extinguish the fire.

People who do first aid fire fighting fight the fire and extinguish the fire in its initial stages by using whatever means is readily available to put out the fire.

Sometimes a fire can be small enough that first aid fire fighting can put it out before it spreads to far and gets worse.

However if the fire is already too bad then first aid firefighting cannot put the fire out unless they have the proper equipment and means too.
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Initial response to a fire, while it is still small enough to be easily extinguished, whether by water, an extinguisher, smothering with a blanket or sand or dirt.

HOWEVER, first raise the alarm and ensure all are safe. Identify the type of fire, and you MUST know the pros and cons of the methods listed above, as otherwise you make matters worse..

First you need to install a fire extinguishing system. If the fire happened, there must be a fire extinguisher and all modern methods to put it out. This https://www.americanbackflowprevention.com/fire-sprinkler-inspection.php presents new products in this area and they provide technical support 24/7.

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