What are the best adult disposable diapers for hiking in?

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What are the best adult disposable diapers for hiking in?

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Some good adult disposable diapers that work great for hiking in are the MoliCare Premium Soft Breathable Slip diapers, Wellness Brief Superio Adult Diapers, Tranquility EliteCare.

Some other adult diapers that are good for hiking in or for just wearing are Bambino Diapers, ABU super dry kids diapers, Abu Simple Diapers or any of the other line of Abu diapers.

Attends Poly backed diapers are also good or the depends protection with tabs adult diapers are also good for hiking in or for wearing in general.

I wear adult disposable diapers all the time now because I no longer use the toilet and I also go hiking in the summer, fall and spring and I wear cloth backed disposable diapers when hiking in the heat to allow my skin to breathe much better than they do in plastic backed disposable diapers.

However I prefer to wear plastic backed disposable diapers most of the time because they feel much better and keep my clothes dry better as well.

When I go hiking in diapers I make sure to add some baby powder as well as some Vaseline and some diaper rash cream to my diaper area and thighs to keep the chafing at a minimum.

I still get some chafing when hiking in the diapers but eventually the chafing and rash goes away.

Wearing diapers all the time it's impossible to keep chafing and rashes away 100% especially if you're hiking, running, biking etc in the heat of summer.

It's just something that happens to us people who wear diapers and even toddlers can sometime get rashes and chafing in the summer wearing diapers and running around or going hiking as well.

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